About Eva Acharya

Eva is a two-times Watty winner and a WEScreenplay Diverse Voices Quarterfinalist 2021. She dabbles in screenplays, novels, and lesson plans! She says she writes mostly to keep sane, and because some stories won’t leave her alone until she scribbles them down. She aspires to become a traditionally published author — fingers crossed—and is keen to shoot the debut feature she’s been tweaking for the past two years.

Writer | Dreamer | Occasional Filmmaker | Teacher

Eva Acharya writes contemporary romance novels with a splash of humour, a dash of quirk, and a parade of awkward humans trying to figure out what they are doing with their lives, much like she is. Other than romance, she tries her hand at YA fairytale retellings and Sci-fi (under the pseudonym E.A. Martin). She figures it’s a good use of her science degree.

When she isn’t writing novels, she tinkers with screenplays, currently developing a feature she’d like to shoot in Nepal, and another that’s based on a century-old criminal case. When she’s not working on a story or a lesson plan, she can be found hunched over her tablet, attempting yet another digital drawing. She’s horrible at it and not afraid to speak the truth.

​She loves cooking when she can be bothered and you’ll find oodles of recipes on her Pinterest, ones she’s been meaning to try out for years. She loves binging Netflix and calls it ‘research’, or forever tries to tackle her ever-growing literal and virtual TBR pile. To date, she hasn’t succeeded.

Eva is originally from Nepal and calls Australia home. She lives with her action-film-loving, VFX-wizard, gamer hubby, and a handful of plants she hasn’t managed to kill yet. She doesn’t have a pet either unless you count a cute plush piggy she bought because it’d make a good car pillow!

She’s dreamt of being a published author since she was in her teens, and is presently fumbling her way through the querying process to live that dream. A quest whose highs and low she’ll try and share as it evolves, in the hopes her perilous journey will provide you with some entertainment or insight, but she can’t make any promises.

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